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“My fitness journey stared 18 months ago, after a long period of not exercising and slowly gaining weight I wanted to turn things around and start heading to a healthier destination. 

It was originally my husband’s idea to have a personal trainer to come round to the house to make us do it (I am particularly good at exercise avoidance) and he thought it would be great for him too. So Zita works with both of us, she is very good at tasking us with exercises that work us both to the maximum even though we are different levels of fitness. 

Zita is a force of positivity and energy, she makes each session interesting and different and we are stronger and fitter than we have been for a long time

Even though I really wasn’t sure that personal training would work for me I have been really pleased that we did start, I enjoy feeling more in control of my life and I am pleased that I am heading in the right direction in terms of health and fitness. We have both noticed that we have more energy and our flexibility has improved. 

I actually enjoy exercising now and I never thought I would say that! If you are thinking about taking the first step with Zita I’d say definitely go for it, you have nothing to lose except a few kilos hopefully!”

Helen, Age 48, Bath 


"Before working with Zita I believed that the only way to really get fit was by running. After having worked with Zita for 8 months I have completely changed my mind. I have seen my body change shape, tone up, and I feel in better shape now than I have ever been. Zita has been calm, understanding, kind but also firm when needed to get you to do the work. I never believed that I would motivate myself alone, but have found that in the week between our sessions, I have been following the programme and gaining the benefits. Zita has been an absolute joy to work with, and I look forward to continuing to train with her for as long as possible".

Sam D, age 34, Bath




"I worked with Zita through most of my pregnancy,in fact my last session was at 38 weeks! Her motivation and enthusiasm around exercise and nutrition helped me reach and maintain an excellent level of fitness and confidence in my body that I am sure contributed towards a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. It was easy to fit in my home exercise workouts between our sessions and I'm looking forward to Zita helping me with an exercise routine after the baby arrives. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Kate Abbey

"Zita is incredibly tenacious and a great motivator. She has made a huge impact on how I feel about myself which has resulted in greater self confidence and me being half the woman I was!"



"I have known and respected Zita for eight years during which time she has been my personal trainer. She has helped me successfully through both physical and emotional times with kindness and deep understanding.She is very professional in all she does"


"Zita has been helping me get "fit for 40" since January and her help has been invaluable. She has provided me with a properly rounded knowledge of what I need to do to achieve my goals. As well as helping me lose well over 1 stone, and substantially improving my strength and muscle definition, I've learnt numerous skills which I can use to keep in top shape for years to come."


I have been using the gym for many years on my own. Since joining up with Zita I have for the first time felt like I am making progress in fitness levels and general wellbeing. I used to suffer from neck and back pain and I have asthma. All of these ailments have been improved in just 3 months.


"My name is Sue,I am 61 yrs old and have been having training sessions with Zita for several years. Sessions are professional but always friendly so you never feel silly if you don't know what you should be doing. I started having sessions fortnightly but now have one every 3-4 weeks to keep me on track. I have done the Race for Life 5km run for the last 3 years which I would not have done before I started training with Zita."



I came to Zita with low self esteem and a general lack of direction in my life. By focusing on my physical goals I was able to go away with greater strength to focus on the bigger goals in my life. Zita taught me how to listen to my body. Without being puritanical she made me bring more balance to my diet and lifestyle - and her words are ingrained in me for ever more! Over the year we invest time and money in our homes, our work, our relationships and our family - our health and fitness are often low down on the list of priorities. In reality, it should be top.







  • Suspension Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Postural Improvements
  • Back Care
  • Flexibility
  • Strength Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Outdoor Training
  • Over 50's Fitness
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise

"Those who do not find some time every day for health, must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness"
Father Sebastian Kneipp

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